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Twenty øne pilots 12/02/2016

Hey guys,

two weeks ago I have been to the twenty one pilots concert with three friends. It was one of the best days of my life and so I thought it would be a good idea to share my experience and some photos with you!


For those who don’t know twenty one pilots is a band consisting of the lead singer Tyler Joseph and the drummer Joshua Dun. They have been making music since 2009.


On the day of the concert we had to go to school so we went from there to the Palladium where the concert was in Cologne. It was a cold day to wait 3 hours outside but it was totally worth it. Finally when we got in two of us went to take some places and the other two went to the wardrobe to hang our jackets. As they came back there were already a lot of people standing behind us. It was very full and we hardly had any place to move. But yeah we were standing there and waiting. Then finally came a DJ and played some music but nobody could enjoy that because it was so closely spaced. About 45 minutes later Tyler and Joseph came and started the show. This was the moment the atmosphere got much better. As twenty one pilots started playing the first song everybody forgot how uncomfortable the situation was and the best evening begun.


The first song they played was heavydirtysoul and the whole crowd freaked out. The next songs the same thing happened. And then when Migrain begun and Tyler started to sing and said “How is everybody out there” the public began to sing nearly the whole song on their own and it was incredible. It is a bit odd to write about this concert because videos would explain this a lot better but I guess I just try… So we sang a lot with out Tyler and he just enjoyed the moment as we did. It sounded amazing and I was so surprised that the publicum in Germany was so competent singing the lyrics.


“This is one of our favorite shows of the entire tour right here in Cologne. Thank you for coming and thank you so much for listening to our music. And like I said if you would have us we would love to come back sometime here to Germany!!!” – Tyler Joseph.

This is soooo heartwarming to hear these words from Tyler about the show we went to! I can’t thank Tyler and Josh enough. They played an incredible and unique show, they created an amazing atmosphere. One did not want this concert to end ever and I believe everyone who went to this concert or experienced any other one from twenty one pilots are impressed by the energy and love Josh and Tyler put in every concert.



 “We are twenty øne pilots and so are you!” – Tyler Joseph. With this sentence they said goodbye and left! ❤️

I want to thank my friends for showing me the music by twenty øne pilots!

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