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Exploring my home town


So some days ago I was in the city of my home town, Düsseldorf, with my friend, and we wanted to take some pictures. As we searched for a nice place or wall to photograph we discovered some nice places like a records shop! We realized how many cute and beautiful little shops and places we have in our town. The most interesting thing is that these shops are based on one of the streets we walk the most! We just never realized that this place could be interesting and worth walking in!

Later that day we talked about how nice the day was and that we should definitely start exploring more. Like in the past we just sat at Starbucks and talked for hours what also can be veryyyy interesting and funny! But after many visits at cafés it is more interesting to see new places!

So first we were very hungry and decided to go and eat burgers at Butch Beckers. As you can see on the photo it was very delicious.

Then we started taking some pictures and discovered this old launderette with old red washing machines. This looks really cool.


As we walked through an alley we have never seen before we ended up in front of this aesthetic home decor shop. It looks so beautiful inside that you want to buy every single piece.

So one just have to look twice at everything and examine everything deeply to discover something beautiful! Yeah so I will definitely do that and maybe will post something about that some time later 🙂 I just wanted to share this thought with you guys! The photos that we actually wanted to take will be up soon!

Hope you enjoyed reading this blogpost! Have a nice day!


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Welcome to my blog! I am Sonja, 18 years old, and live in Düsseldorf, Germany. I enjoy taking photos, am interested in fashion and love to travel – this is what my blog is about! Thanks a lot for visiting!

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