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München 2016 (part 2)

Welcome to my second blog post about our trip to Munich!

I have already been to Munich once like 9 years ago but obviously I hardly remember anything. So it was amazing to refresh the memories.

The city of Munich overall is very beautiful, full of modern buildings with a touch of the Bavarian style.


These are some pictures of the most popular place in Munich called the “Marienplatz”.


As you can see this is the place where we took the outfit photos . It is the place of the Munich Pinakotheka. These are museums of different kind of art. We went to some of the exhibitions and really enjoyed them especially the modern ones.


On our last day in Munich we decided to take the tube to a part of Munich, where the people actually live like “Schwabing”.

I am really glad that we went to this place because we got to see a huge park with loads of people just chilling and relaxing on a warm evening! This part of Munich has got a big street, which is very beautiful and it leads to several small roads with nice restaurants and people sitting outside eating! So overall a nice part of Munich! Really enjoyed that!


This is a very interesting part of the “Englischer Garten” park in Munich. I believe this is the only place one can surf in the town of Munich. So there are professional surfers or just people who like to surf. At the different endings of this part of the river “Isar” there are lots of people standing and watching them surf with a great interest! So a very interesting experience!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Here you go with a photo of me and my friend on our way back to Düsseldorf…

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog post about our trip to Munich! Traveling is such an amazing thing, especially with people you love because it’s even more fun!

Sonja ♡

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Welcome to my blog! I am Sonja, 18 years old, and live in Düsseldorf, Germany. I enjoy taking photos, am interested in fashion and love to travel – this is what my blog is about! Thanks a lot for visiting!

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