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Genoa, Italy

The next place we visited last summer was Genoa, Italy. Genoa is the capital of the province Liguria in northwest Italy and the sixth largest city in Italy. In Genoa you can have two different types of vacation: you can explore the old town of Genua which is very beautiful and go shopping but also can have a relaxed time at the beach.   In the following pictures you can see the seaside of Genoa with a lot of state-owned beaches. These are not the prettiest but the fact that this old city has got the seaside is interesting. Walking through the city one would not think that this city is located at a sea.

München 2016 (part 2)

Welcome to my second blog post about our trip to Munich! I have already been to Munich once like 9 years ago but obviously I hardly remember anything. So it was amazing to refresh the memories. The city of Munich overall is very beautiful, full of modern buildings with a touch of the Bavarian style. These are some pictures of the most popular place in Munich called the “Marienplatz”. As you can see this is the place where we took the outfit photos . It is the place of the Munich Pinakotheka. These are museums of different kind of art. We went to some of the exhibitions and really enjoyed them especially the modern ones. On our last day in Munich we decided to take the tube to a part of Munich, where the people actually live like “Schwabing”. I am really glad that we went to this place because we got to see a huge park with loads of people just chilling and relaxing on a warm evening! This part of Munich has got a big street, which is …

München 2016 (part 1: outfit)

Lately we had a small break for a couple of days from school and my friend, her mother, my mother and me decided to do a trip to Munich, the second biggest city of Germany. We already had been traveling together two years ago and really enjoyed that so it was a good idea to redo this. AND yes we had a great time! As we walked trough Munich and explored the town we managed to take outfit photos. My friend, Hannah, did a great job! Thanks! So that day the weather was wonderful. It has been the first warm day of the year! My flannel is from Brandy Melville, my top and jeans from Topshop. The shoes I am wearing are Nikes and my bag is from Liebeskind. As you probably saw by the title of this post, this is the first post about our trip to Munich. There is going to be another one about the town of Munich… Thanks to everyone for reading this blog post!  

Berlin 2016

As I told you in my last blog post about Dresden we have been to Berlin, the capital of Germany. I already had been to Berlin once and have been really excited to go the second time! Here are some of the best pictures I took while our stay in Berlin. This is a huge memorial for the over 6 millions Jews who were killed during the time of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany. The blocks are meant to symbolize the graves of the people who persecuted. So as we were on our way to leave Berlin we looked back and saw a rainbow over the Brandenburger Tor! It was so beautiful so that my father stopped on the road for me to take some photos! After World War II the city of Berlin was divided into two parts: West Berlin that was conquered by the western allies (the United States, the United Kingdom and France) and the Soviet sector formed East Berlin. This is the place where the great wall that was the boarder between these two …